What we enable

We help enterprises increase revenue, reduce costs and save time by delivering drone solutions that...

Plan your projects with the help of Drones


Perceive project sites and assets better

Track the progress of your projects with Drones


Monitor projects as they evolve

Detect any flaws with the help of Drone Imagery


Find flaws before it's too late

Where we matter

Skylark Drones for Infrastructure
  • Land Acquistion Insights
  • As-built Digitzation
  • Project Monitoring

Our drone solutions digitize living spaces and transportation infrastructure to enable smarter land acquisition, detailed project reporting and efficient monitoring so that projects are planned and managed with more insights and less errors.

Skylark Drones for Utilities
  • Asset Inspection
  • Encroachment Detection
  • Compliance Monitoring

We plan, monitor and secure vital links in the energy supply chain by integrating RoW analytics, asset inspection and feasibility studies into one solution to make sure that the production and transportation of clean energy and water is uninterrupted.

Skylark Drones for Mining
  • Volumes Estimation
  • Boundary Inspection
  • Mine Production Planning

Mining requires an intimate understanding of the land and how we shape it. Skylark Drones offers web based solutions that continually map & monitor topography, inspect lease boundaries and help track volume production, while saving lives and time.

Skylark Drones for Agriculture
  • Farm Management
  • Yield Projection
  • Crop Analytics

Farm management for better yield tracking, estimation and compliance is one of the many functions we integrate into an agribusiness solution that combines the perspective from drones with proprietary near real time crop and farm analytics.

What we offer

Drone-Data Based Services

We offer end to end services that shed light on ground reality through thematic maps and geo tagged videos for enterprises maintaining important assets and executing large scale projects. It provides a glimpse into the perspective that aerial intelligence can bring to terrestrial applications.

Drone Enabled Solutions

On our mission to make intelligent drone data accessible and insightful we have developed a suite of web based solutions that help enterprises plan large terrestrial projects in finer detail, track their progress on demand and monitor important assets in depth, through a single screen.


We enhance feasibility studies and detailed project reporting using thematic maps and videos to help project teams stay on the page.


Our solutions measure work completion and material utilisation rates using tracking and coordination tools that prevent and reduce project delays.


We help enterprises with real-time diagnostic insights that measure and oversee the health and performance of individual assets under their care.

How Our Solutions Make a Difference