We believe drone solutions will change the way we live for the better

About Us Hero

To bet against the norm and have the persistence to make it work is the common thread that binds the people here together and to the ones who chose to trust us with their businesses, data and even careers. We bring a set of principles and values to the relationship that are best expressed by starting with the right questions.

There is one principal reason that drives how we spend our time and energy and that is our belief that drone solutions will change the way we live for the better. Drones will shed light about our world from a unique perspective and engineering that perspective into insight and impact is where we come in. Much of what we build here is the engine that will drive the future of drone powered solutions.


Our aim is to turn the trust and belief we have in drones and each other into real-world value. This transition from trust to value takes place through the culture, values and actions that originate in three principles:

A Commitment to Truth

There is a collective urge amongst the ones that rush through our corridors, walk in thoughtful circles and thoughtfully sip their coffee looking into the distance. It is a simple and persistent drive to find the solution to a problem from first principles, a drive that starts from finding out “The Why” and everything that follows or “flows” from thereon.

Science and Engineering

Our commitment to truth is led by two schools of thought that we value above anything else, the scientific method and the engineering design process. These two schools guide us through the process of building and deploying solutions keeping in mind that what we build today should be improved upon provided the answers we find today lead to better questions tomorrow.

Common Sense

What is the point of what we build here if we can’t couple creativity with common sense and principles with practicality? Everything we build for our stakeholders within and outside of our walls is done so that the purpose and functions of our solutions are clear and intuitive, their nature is scalable across physical and mental boundaries of geographies and convention.


In the short span of time we have been here, we have managed to redesign and change the way agribusiness governs produce, developed better workflows for mining conglomerates and played a role in prototyping India’s first smart village. And yet, there is so much left to build, so many stakeholders that are yet to realise how drones can help them stay true to their purpose without endangering lives, mismanaging their assets or making decisions sans the right context.

It is true that we are far from where we want to be, we have many challenges we have yet to learn from but that is awesome because by taking this journey with businesses, governments and people we will be able to amplify and enable how drones can help build and shape a better world that goes beyond better roads, smarter agriculture and faster digital connections because that could just be the beginning.