EPC players in solar industry performing large scale projects and rooftop installations can use drone solutions to maximze capacity utilization and increase performance characteristics.


Renewables are the way forward to satiate the energy needs of a modern society. Drone solutions ensure that the maintenance and security challenges posed by them are addressed efficiently and effectively.

Skylark Drones for Rooftop solar panel maintenance
While making the most of light

Solar energy is a difficult energy resource to capture and convert despite it’s wide spread availability. Renewable energy firms strive to maximise returns by making smarter plans to distribute solar panels in farms and rooftops, by automating inspection and making predictive claims, however in trying to do this they regularly struggle with limited manpower, equipment and information.

Skylark Drones for Solar panel monitoring and maintenance
Drone solutions offer valuable insights

Skylark Drones has developed and deployed solutions for solar to energize the two major landscapes for harnessing solar energy, rooftops and large scale solar farms. The solution stack includes high resolution platforms that can maximise panel distribution layouts, hydrology studies, automate visual inspection and host all insights over the lifecycle of a project under one “roof”.