The way we transfer materials such as oil and gas, water is as important as the way we produce them. Drone solutions offer a smarter way to automate how we protect our resources in transit.


Pipelines play a vital role in moving material resources and energy. Drone solutions ensure the smooth functioning of these prime movers.

Drones for Pipeline
Digitizing the flow

The critical arteries of the human organism such as pipelines, including pipes, compressors and pumps, are frequently located in environments which are difficult to monitor and secure. Attacks or damage to these arteries lead to enormous ecological impact and loss of revenue.

Drones for Gas and Water
With drone solutions for pipelines

RoW centric insights integrate high resolution maps with near real time monitoring and inspection to help design, build and operate pipelines. Encroachment detection, vegetation management and pipeline visualization at high resolution aerial maps are some of the applications that can be enhanced by drone solutions.