Cities, roads, railways, villages and more. Drones solutions are here to digitize and dynamically alter all the building blocks of civilization


Large scale road infrastructure requires planning and monitoring to ensure that we are better connected. Drone solutions address this need by offering authentic real time information.

Skylark Drones for Roads & Highways
When roads lead to nowhere...

Roads & Highways provide direction and bandwidth for growth. Lack of a plan for land acquisition or utility relocation and information mismanagement lead to poorly planned and indefinitely delayed road projects. Unfinished roads are roads without an end or a destination.

Drones can show the way forward

Combining near real time video monitoring with high resolution geospatial inputs, Skylark Drones, offers the perfect drone based solution for feasibility and DPR studies, project monitoring and level comparison on one platform for project planners, decision makers and consultants to collaborate and get things done.