With increasingly more railway operators and contractors resorting to an aerial perspective of their corridor, our drone solutions offer a means to marry the accuracy of maps with the immediacy of aerial videography for project management and design engineering to be dynamic.


Railways are synonymous with scale and history, however as ageing infrastructure gets upgraded and new miles are added, digitising, monitoring and inspecting these assets require a more dynamic and efficient solution.

Skylark Drones for Railways
Steamrolling into the future

Railways are the past, present and future corridors of development. Managing and planning railway projects for freight and carriage corridors as they cross extensive and remote landscapes involve understanding topography, extensive inspection and monitoring that is beyond the scope of practicality or quality using traditional means.

With drone solutions for railways

Measure and record observations about assets like buildings, bridges, embankments and TSS, share insights to compare progress through preliminary surevys on a central platform built for railway project monitoring and planning. Every centimeter of any railway track can be digitized with orthophotos, measured and inspected with automated visual and themal inspections for teams collaborating across functions and geographies.