Drone solutions that deliver analytical geo-spatial information will shape the smart cities of the future by way of smart land use governance, digitization of land records and near real-time 3-Dimensional infrastructure insights.

Cities & Villages

Cities and villages showcase human organisation at it's largest scale underpinned by ingenuity and design. However, as we grow so does the need for our homes to adapt and create living spaces for future generations in a smarter and more sustainable manner.

Skylark Drones for Cities & Villages
New cities, same old problems

As cities grow and villages become more important, so does the need for good infrastructure. Expectations today demand landscape architecture and civil engineering to minimise traffic congestion, increase tax revenue collection and keep in mind the people that will give the city life.

Smarter solutions with drones

Our cross functional platform uses a single source of truth to help in digitizing land records for modeling insights such as land use, solar potential utilization, and tracking infrastructure construction. This ensures planning, engineering and management teams are on the same page. Drone solutions offer a practical means of humanizing planning and democratizing land use and distribution.